Zrich Switzerland

Zürich gained international fame as a banking town and for being the world's cleanest and most pleasant city to reside in. Throughout recent years, Zürich is increasingly influenced by big-city and multicultural influences and while maintaining its calm and idyllic character untill today, its burstling downtown provides in plenty of bars, restaurants and entertainment. Blessed with its sceneric natural setting, including a large lake, two rivers, tree-covered hills and the snowcapped Alpine mountain peaks aligned on the horizon, Zürich is undisputedly one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. If not, in the world! The medieval old town of Zürich is divided by the river Limmat and its churches, medieval guild halls and narrow alleys give the historical centre a charming ambience.

On the east bank of the river, the part called Niederdof is the place where most bars and nightlife is concentrated. Filled with the crowds of the nearby University, this part of the old town is a lively place under the shadows of the majestic Grossmünster church. The historical centre of Zürich is situated on the west bank, with the St.

Peter's and Fraumünster churces as its main landmarks. Here you will find a variety of exclusive shops and boutiques and the extensive Bahnhofstrasse is considered as one of the most prestigious shopping streets in Europe. Despite its image as a conservative and tranquil city, Zürich offers a lot of entertainment, culture as well as a vibrant nightlife.

Being a center for contemporary art and offering its visitors a wide variety of interesting museums, galleries and cultural events, Zürich is definitely a good place to stick around in for a few days. Old factories has been transformed into trendy bars, restaurants or nightclubs and gives the city the dynamics of any world city. Zürich is also a good base for day trips to popular destinations like Baden and Winterthur. .

By: Peter Lemstra

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Zrich Switzerland - Zürich gained international fame as a banking town and for being the world's cleanest and most pleasant city to reside in.

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