Mountain Resorts

Ski and mountain resorts are some of the most popular of all vacation destinations. Find out more about snow skiing holidays, lodging options and vacations on beautiful mountain resorts and appalachian mountain resorts.


Vacation resorts in unlikely places
Danielle Reed
From the West Virginia woods to the peaks of Montana, developers are borrowing the gated-community approach from established resort towns such as Palm Beach, Fla., and transplanting it to some unlikely locations. [more]

Winter park: one of Colorado's most famous mountain resorts appeals to skiers and non-skiers alike
Evelyn Kanter
Historically, Winter Park Resort has been more popular with "locals" than with long-distance visitors, but that is changing as its reputation grows--along with the convenient and well-designed complex of condos, hotel rooms, restaurants, and [more]

Smoking mountain retreat
Majella Chube Hamilton
What this busy Atlanta family found tucked away near the Eastern Cherokee Indian Reservation of the Appalachian Mountains is a peak called Moody Top. An ideal backdrop for the historic North Carolina ranch-and-cabin community, [more]

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