Our First Stay at Bandon Oregon

Bandon Oregon has some of the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen. It has easily become one of my favorite coastal towns. Bandon has some really nice beaches and a healthy assortment of little coastal shops.It's a town geared towards the visitor and I'm very glad we finally visited.The weekend before Valentine's day, my wife and I cashed in on some reservations we had made at the Best Western Inn at Face Rock. During the off season it is possible to find some awesome deals for hotels and motels.

This particular deal afforded us fifty percent off of the normal price of our stay.Our room had cable, microwave, refrigerator, desk, table and chairs, king size bed and free long distance and local calls. We were able to get all of this for $54 a night. The room was easily the size of our apartment kitchen and living room combined.The Inn is located right acrossed the road from beaches and a spectacular ocean view.

It's also nestled right up against a golf course and beside Best Western's own restaurant. The restaurant was closed for a remodel but friends have told us the food is great.The second day of our stay, Amanda and I actually walked from the Inn to old Bandon. It was about a two mile walk right along the ocean with one of the most awesome views I've had the privilege of enjoying.Old Bandon has all the great stuff that little coastal towns should have.

Up until now I was pretty much hooked on Newport and walking the old bay front. Now that I've been to Bandon though, Ive got another great place to visit. Bandon doesn't have quite as many shops as Newport but if you want gifts, candy or food Bandon has it.In town you'll find a couple a decent sized grocery stores and some pizza and fast food. There is also a Tiffanys, a dollar store and two or three little thrift stores.We continued our walk through old Bandon where we stopped and ate breakfast at a neat little cafe.

There are two or three by the bay. The food was excellent and really cheap. I was actually surprised when we got the bill. After almost six miles of walking we had come full circle back to the Inn.

Bandon really is a beautiful place and our recent trip there was the nicest trip my wife and I have taken since our honeymoon. The coastal view is characterized my majestic rocks stabbing up out of the waves and shear cliff faces bordering the ocean. Everywhere you look is the perfect picture.After such a nice trip we will be doing our best to get back to Bandon Oregon.


Oregon Coast Experience
Bandon Oregon Coastline
Our Trip to Bandon Oregon-By Amanda

By: Adam Sullivan

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